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Andrew Stewart

Screenwriter & Filmmaker

My Story

Hello. My name is Andrew Stewart, a graduate of Santa Clara University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Although my education is in STEM, my true interests lie in screenwriting and filmmaking. I truly believe that college, more than anything else, instills ethics within students, rather than specific skills. And for me, this assumes the form of problem-solving acuity and phenomenal diligence. That is why I pivot with the utmost confidence.

Since this decision, I have explored any and all avenues into the film industry. From short films shot on my personal camera, all the way to three feature-length scripts, I have fallen in love with storytelling. Reading for the American Zoetrope screenplay contest has taught me invaluable script analysis skills, and my New York internship with Braven Films has imbued a critical understanding of the film development process.

All roads worth going down are difficult. Disciplined dedication and the relentless pursuit of a dream mean working when it doesn't seem like you need to. Eventually, everyone gets some sort of chance, the question only lies in preparedness. I plan to be prepared for that chance.

My career aspirations are to contribute to unique, emotionally captivating motion pictures. And so, through my continued screenwriting efforts, PA work, speculative filmmaking, and rigorous educational background, I will achieve that goal by establishing myself as an invaluable team member wherever I go.


Please reach out for any inquiries.


Phone: +1 (971) 300-9914

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